Finding The Perfect Piece Of Amish Furniture

So you've decided to buy some Amish tables. You've heard that it's sturdy, beautiful and will last a lifetime and beyond. Now comes the hard part. What piece of furniture do you want to purchase? Obviously, you could outfit your whole home, but very few people would want to do that, unless they were Amish. What types of furniture are out there to be purchased? Where can I find it? These questions are easily answered.

Where can I find Amish dining table?

One thing you could do is go to Amish country, find a carpenter, and cart your piece of furniture home. However, the Amish table only live in a few states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and a few others. If you live the Midwest or far West, this may not be practical. There are many websites online, however, that sell authentic Amish dining table. Amish carpenters have teamed up with business owners to make and sell their furniture online. Although they do not like modern things like computers and the Internet, they understand that they can sell much more furniture this way. You can look at pictures online, purchase using a credit card, and they will ship your furniture as soon as it is finished. Keep in mind, however, that this could take 4-6 months, as it is handmade.

What type of Amish table is out there to be purchased?

If you go to the websites, you can see hundreds of examples of Amish dining table. Plain and simple styles dominate, with Shaker and Mission influences abounding. There are beds and dressers in whole bedroom suites. You can buy a dining room set with chairs and hutches. Bookcases, entertainment centres, coffee tables, end tables and office desks also abound. Some sites even offer children's table, like bunk beds, cradles, toy trains and rocking horses. You will just have to find the Amish carpenter whose work you admire the most, and see what he has to offer. Some carpenters will even do custom work on some pieces, to make it more original for you.


What piece of table do you want to purchase?

Now, this is more a personal decision, but there may be a few hints to lead you in the right direction. Do you want this to be a focal point to be admired by family and friends? If so, do not purchase the king size bed. People would rather admire the dining room table as they sit around it for a meal, or the entertainment centre as they watch the big ball game. If the piece of table is purely for you to admire, feel free to buy that bed. Each night as you go to sleep, you'll sleep better knowing that you love the bed you are in.

Now that some of your questions are answered, it's up to you to make the final decision. Do your homework, look around, and decide exactly what piece you want to spend your money on. Keep in mind that handmade Amish table can be pricey. Don't let this be your deciding point on what to buy, however. Whatever it is, you'll be sure to love it.

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